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Welcome to my website. My name is Lucy Ajifu. I will be hosting this website and will help you, your family and friends to find good luck in the future. Just remember this website www.lifereadingla.com for all your life reading needs.

Using the elements/energy to perform life reading has been in existence for hundreds of years. If we look back at history, we will see that life reading was banned by several emperors. The bans were put in place to control their own kingdoms. By withholding information regarding the future and life reading, the emperors were able to keep the common folk poor and ignorant.

I have obtained a lot of knowledge that very few people will know or learn about. I can predict your future with your birthday information. It is very accurate and amazing. Everyone's future is pre-determined by their exact time of birth. Fo r accurate readings, I will require your birth date, hour and minute.

It is very important to get the hour of birth and the exact minute, as it might prove to be very critical. Your lives could have changed dramatically if you were born 5 minutes earlier or later. If the hour and minute are not available, birthday reading will still be possible, but it will be slightly different than the one with it. Please obtain the hour and minute of your birth by referring to your birth certificate. If you have lost yours, you can obtain a copy from the state you where you were born in or if you were born abroad, contact their local government.

Please understand, depending on type of reading you select, the research time will vary. I will do readings on a first come, first serve basis. It will take about two weeks for me to get back to you with your life readings.

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  • LifeReadingLA
  • 2144 Auiki Street, Unit I-12
    Honolulu, HI 96819
  • Phone : 808-398-0249
  • Email : lucy@lifereadingla.com

Our Testimonials

I thank you for such knowledge to have. I just felt that I could of had more detailed schooling. I do my fill of research for in this time in my life I take every opportunity to assist me before the time is to go. So I thank you again and will find another starting with your index for I always come to your site first before another and in that being said is much.

- Samanta

This reading is so good. It was so clear to see it from their perspective. It absolutely makes sense to me. I don't feel like a victim any longer because I KNOW that I'm not a victim and never was. To transform these old burdens seemed almost too simple! ...

- Zacky Wylad

Your insights and suggestions have been such a great motivation for me to keep on my path.Your suggestions about my Birthday are very accurate, I have already begun the healing.

- Karen S., Potomac , MD

I am grateful for your ability to serve as a pathway to angelic connection. The clarity with which you channel my Archangel and your willingness to provide additional insight is priceless. Because of you, I have a greater understanding of my role on earth ..."

- -E.M.W. , Silver Spring, Maryland

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